Task Groups

Task Groups are the way in which this diocese has agreed to address issues and develop creative ideas for solving problems. Each group has a number of members, not more than about 12 and meets when needed. They can keep in touch with each other’s developments through this site – and make efforts to check that they are all working towards the same end: Local sustaining Christian presence: a generous, engaged and open approach to mission. The range of Task Groups operating in this diocese are listed below. If you have an interest in any of the subjects below, contact the diocesan office and they will put you in touch with the relevant task group.

Botswana Link Revd. Allan Marks
Jennie Jones
Childrens and Young People Rev Peter Dobson
Judith Sadler
CIFER Revd. Gavin Wort
Lesley Hillary
CMD Lesley Chapman
Deanery Development Carol Wolstenholme
Disability John Telfer
Revd Richard Hill
Discipleship Robert Peers
Ecumenism Revd. Janet Appleby
Estates and Urban Development Fr. Alan Paterson
Evangelism Revd Steve Dixon
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